Credit: Sara Colket Photography

Crossroads and spaces in-between have always fascinated me. For more than 20 years, I’ve worked in libraries in higher education. The first decade I spent in librarian roles at the intersections of reference and electronic services, instruction and collections, research and computing. During the second decade I found a home in merged library and technology roles in fully and partially merged library/technology organizations.

Currently I am Dean of Library Services of the Madeleine Clark Wallace Library at Wheaton College (MA), a residential liberal arts college located between Boston, MA and Providence, RI. In the library, we work with students on their research and technology projects, we provide student employees with meaningful work, we partner with faculty in the classroom and on college-wide curricular initiatives, and we work alongside academic, IT, and student affairs colleagues to create the intellectual and physical infrastructure for student success.

Prior to my time at Wheaton, I directed research and instructional support teams at both Mount Holyoke College and Wellesley College, research liberal arts colleges for women. Those teams advanced excellence in teaching, learning, and student and faculty research, drove instructional technology innovation, led information literacy initiatives, and developed outstanding library collections. They were ridiculously fun jobs.

I like spaces in-between. There’s magic here.